Market Making

Xenfin Capital's Liquid-X venue is an established market-maker on many FX platforms. Using our own key software and infrastructure we offer our liquidity directly to customers or via white label agreements to institutional third parties . 

Liquid-X is a low latency foreign exchange ECN built from the ground up in-house and is connected to Xenfin’s liquidity and that of Tier 1 banks, Tier 2 market makers, and hedge funds.  We specialise in large order execution and can offer liquidity via a traditional GUI or an ultra low latency API.

Liquid-X is backed by Rabo Bank credit in their role as our prime broker and clearing agent, and all of our transactions are settled through the CLS Bank settlement  system, which is the market standard for FX settlement to minimise counterparty risks. This allows clients to use Xenfin’s extensive relationships in the market while benefiting from Xenfin's own trade flow, resulting in extremely competitive spreads and deep liquidity.